Activate AVG

AVG antivirus is designed to secure your device like PC, Mobile and other. Avg security product starts working after its activated. When you visit to the avg official site, it asks you to activate your avg account by providing 20 digit avg activation code or avg license number writtern on avg retail card.

What is avg activation code?

Avg license number is a 20 digit unique alphanumeric string. it looks like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx, where x can be any number or alphabet. Now when you purchase an AVG subscription you get a retail card if it is an offline store. In the case of an online store, you get the avg activation code at your email inbox. In the both case, you just need to avg retail activation page at official page. On that page, you can redeem your activation code/license code.

How to download, install and activate avg with activation code?

  • Steps 1 : Register avg account
    1. Visit to ""
    2. Click on "Login to AVG my account"
    3. Sign in with email id and password if you already have an account
    4. If you are a new user, register for a new account using email and other details
  • Steps 2 : Download avg with activation code
    1. Select the avg version you want to install
    2. Enter your 20 digit avg activation code
    3. Click on download button
  • Steps 3 : Install avg with license number
    1. Double click on downloaded file and run the setup
    2. Click agree on license terms and conditions
    3. Follow on screen instructions to complete avg installation
  • Steps 4 : Activate avg antivirus
    1. Open avg interface, where you can see activate avg security program
    2. Click on activate button and enter avg license number
    3. Accepst terms and conditions
    4. Restart your device
    5. Stay protected

Avg retail antivirus features

  • Real time security
  • Email protection
  • Family protection
  • Virus and other threat protection.
  • Browser security.

Protect your Computer from latest threats and internet hackers

Viruses and spywares can harm your computer file system and important data so now its really really important to have good security protection which can secure your online and offline digital life. AVG is a complete security protection suite which not only protect your PC’s from viruses & spywares but also it can maintain the good speed of your operating system and increase the health of it. If you face any issues in avg installation or activation contact Avg retail support team.